UX and Banking: What Do We Forget?

Everyone thinks they know the definition of a “great customer experience”—Google it and you’ll see over 57.3 million results. Whoa. Just how many of those do you think are aligned with your definition of a great customer experience?  Banks may have regulations, legacy systems, and other barriers to work with when designing a digital banking platform, but that doesn’t…

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“Bacon?” “Bitcoins?” “I love pecans!”   That’s the list of my favorite responses to “have you heard about beacons?” since I joined Aequilibrium Software six weeks ago. Confession: At least two of those were my own blunders (take a wild guess as to which ones). Let’s just say it’s exciting to reflect on how much…

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5 Ways to Increase the DHF (Developer Happiness Factor).

Times in the design and development world are changing—fast. ever before have developers had so much pressure to build stunning applications for an increasingly educated and demanding user base, and these pressures are often compounded by UI, UX, and product designers all breathing down their necks to execute.  With sometimes seemingly unrealistic requests for unstable…

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