What is an intentional team?

“You’ve built an intentional team, you should write about that!” These were the words coming out of our Marketing Manager’s mouth in a content planning meeting. What was going on in my mind was, “What is an intentional team?” This week, the B.C. Tech Summit took place, which was a two-day event with over 5,000…

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Business Lessons

Life experiences, even if they’re unrelated, can give you valuable lessons that you can apply to vastly differing scenarios. These are some lessons that have stuck with me from unexpected sources that I’ve found to be surprisingly useful when building and running Aequilibrium. I’ve been practicing tai-chi for decades and in my first martial arts…

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Data + Decisions = Happiness

Without data to back up ideas or solutions to both simple and complex problems, hunches and instincts don’t hold much value—nor will they get you very far. When addressing a business challenge, I ask my team, “What’s the goal and the preferred outcome?” This encourages them to create a hypothesis, build something, test it, collect…

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